The advantages and disadvantages of pocket spring mattress

What we know pocket spring mattress is the inner core of the mattress. The spring structure is to press each individual spring into a non-woven bag, and then use adhesive to connect the spring bags. Its characteristic lies in that each spring can operate independently and support and expand independently. When there are two or more objects acting on the surface of the mattress, one side will not be disturbed when the other side rotates.

The advantages of pocket spring mattresses:
1.Strong independence: Independent pocket springs for each spring can Independent operation. When the companion who is sleeping in bed turns over or move, the other person will not be disturbed. So you can improve sleepers’ deep sleep time and improve sleep quality.
2.More fitting to the human body: The partitioned design of the independent pocket spring mattress allows the bearing force and elastic force of different parts of the spring to correspond to the appropriate strength of the corresponding parts of the human body, flexibly expand and contract, supports all parts of the body evenly, maintain the natural straightness of the spine, Relax muscles, reduce the number of turned over when sleeping.
3.Perfect Mute effect: Each spring is mounted in a spring bag to avoid shaking and creating noise.

Disadvantages of bagged spring mattresses:
1. The disadvantage of the pocketed spring mattress is that as a result of the spring, some individual springs may gradually lose their elasticity and affect the comfort.
2. In order to make the mattress uniform and prolong the service life, we need to flip it regularly. Although there is some trouble.
3. spring mattress should be cleaned regularly, avoid wet and moisture items, Long time humidity will affect the life and performance of springs.

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